Everyday Selection

Within this category our valuable customers can easily find wide selection of classic teas.  

  •  Breakfast Tea for plain tea lovers and thus, who like add milk and/or sugar,
  •  Break Time Tea to get some snack and energy chating with colleagues,  
  •  Afternoon Tea to make relaxing or recovering cup, meet friends or stay with family and have cake or scone,
  •  Lunch time tea to support digestion,
  •  Bed time tea to let you have fantastic dream all night long without any meds.

We offer natural single estate tea and our tea blends, English Earl Grey and Jasmin tea. And on top of it Flavoured Tea: fantastic blend of healthy fruits and herbs with all kinds of tea scented with natural oils and aromas. 

All of this great everyday tea is available as loose leaf tea and 100% compostable 

Eco-Friendly teabags in three sizes:


single size                     tea for two size                    family size

                 for one cup same loose leaf tea           for two cups same loose leaf tea             for three cups same loose leaf tea   


Take it where you like to have it without thinking about strainers, scales to weight it: just cup, water and... enjoy it!!!

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Rockrose Herbal tea

Rockrose Herbal tea£0.59

Amaretto Flavoured Black Tea

Amaretto Flavoured Black Tea£0.69

Apple with Cinnamon Black Flavoured Tea

Apple with Cinnamon Black Flavoured Tea£0.69

Warming and relaxing afternoon tea 

Black Ginger Tea

Black Ginger Tea£0.69

Black Vanilla Tea

Black Vanilla Tea£0.69

Cammomile Chamomile Herbal tea

Cammomile Chamomile Herbal tea£0.99   £0.69

Caramel Pudding Black tea

Caramel Pudding Black tea£0.69

China Jasmin Green Tea

China Jasmin Green Tea£0.69

Fantastic digestive tea.

Cup Full of Sunbeams Black tea

Cup Full of Sunbeams Black tea£0.69

Earl Grey Blue Black Tea

Earl Grey Blue Black Tea£0.69

Earl Grey Cream Black Tea

Earl Grey Cream Black Tea£0.69

Earl Grey Jasmin Black Tea

Earl Grey Jasmin Black Tea£0.69

Exotic Ginger Black Flavoured tea

Exotic Ginger Black Flavoured tea£0.69

Gingerbread Titbit Black tea

Gingerbread Titbit Black tea£0.69

Grannies Delicacy Black tea

Grannies Delicacy Black tea£0.69

Green Ginger Sencha tea

Green Ginger Sencha tea£0.69

Green Harmony Sencha tea

Green Harmony Sencha tea£0.69

Gunpowder Earl Grey Green Tea

Gunpowder Earl Grey Green Tea£0.69

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Page 1 of 3:    50 Items