Not all can afford on Rolls Royce car,

but with us all can afford for (Rolls Royce) luxury tea.


About us.

We have grown with passion to tea which was always present in our everyday life. We drank tea always, always we admired its taste. But purely we did not know what tea is. When we realized we love tea we have started to discover everything about tea. The desire to find out resulted holiday trips to the sources of its origin. We visited the wonderful places, we met great people and we have gained knowledge about tea. Now we want to share all of it with our friends, with you.

Quality. We have established interpersonal contacts with domestic farmers and tea makers. They let us know how to judge the tea quality, what to pay particular attention on, how to choose the best and how to brew and enjoyed it. Thanks to our friends we are able to find purest source of nature bursting with natural flavors and health benefits.  So we offer our customers products only from the very best tea gardens around the world. 

Choice. We know diversity is part of the excitement of life and that no two people are the same. Our extensive range means you can pick the teas that suit you the best.

Price. The way from bush to cup have to be short. Our personal contacts make this way as short as possible to cut down final cost of tea. So we can guarantee the best world quality teas at very competitive price. Customer satisfaction is our best reward. Not all can afford on Rolls Royce car, but with us all can afford for luxury tea.

Feedback. We fully believe that feedback is an awaited gift of our customers, gift which let us constantly look to improve in all we do, so we are always listening to new ideas from our consumers. We intend to tailor our offer accordingly to customer’s expectations maintaining the highest quality of our products.

The message. Primarily we want to share with you our “tea passion”, spread around natural health and beauty benefits which tea brings to our everyday life. Tea is naturally and inextricably connected with health and beauty. In contrast to drugs it combines pleasant and useful without side effects.  For anyone who wants to take care of health and beauty tea is an essential means to achieve it. Our profit is in second place.


Nature, beauty, health benefits, pleasure? Drink our teas!



                  ON ALL ORDERS!!!