Pu Erh Special Yunnan Red Tea

Pu Erh Special Yunnan Red Tea
Pu Erh Special Yunnan Red TeaPu Erh Special Yunnan Red TeaPu Erh Special Yunnan Red TeaPu Erh Special Yunnan Red Tea
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Health benefits:  FAT BURNER

Pu Erh belongs to group of post fermented tea, at China called “Dark Tea”. Two stages of fermentation required to create this wonderful, healthy tea. At first stage piled on the ground, watered and covered with sheets in order to maintain the humidity tea is going to initiate microbiological fermentation.  When most of the substances are converted, the fermentation process is stopped. At next stage yeast and mould dominates the fermentation causing the tea leaves to gradually lose their moisture, simultaneously, the appearance of mycelium of mould occurs on the leaves. All tea undergoes the complex process of gradual fermentation and maturation with time is a Chinese specialty. The best known variety of this post fermented category of tea is Pu Erh, also called Pu Er, from Yunnan Province.  Only tea, such as Pu-erh, that has undergone microbial processing can correctly be called a fermented tea. Pu Erh teas of all varieties, shapes, and cultivars can be aged to improve their flavour. If stored under required conditions, like finest wines, will significantly improve their quality. And price of course. Older = better = more expensive.    

This Excellent Pu Erh from Yunnan province is rich in tips and with a flavour in which wood prevails over mineral. The earthy character of this Royal Pu Erh has many nuances. Ideal for those looking for high quality tea for daily consumption to watch the figure. All Pu Erh teas are widely known as “fat killer” tea.  Low caffeine/teine content.


Keep drinking Pu Erh Tea, a way to good health.

       Improving digestion, burning the body fat 

       Enhance immune system

       Suppressed the cholesterol 

       Reduce high blood fat

Classic: 2 to 3 grams, 200 mills of water at around 95+ C degrees, 3 to 5 mins depend on preferences. We like to brew it for even longer, up to 6-7 min.

Subsequent: 4 to 5 grams of tea, 100 to 120 mills of water around 95+ C degrees, after washing tea, which mean pour hot water over the tea for 2-3 second and immediately discard it, first brewing 1 min, each next 30 second more. Around 7 steeps should be done. Make sure each time to separate tea leaf, do not let them stay in the liquid!!!


Tea bag: follow classic method: 

                                           Eco-Friendly Single Size one cup tea bag of same Pu Erh Special Yunnan Tea

                                           Eco-Friendly Tea for Two two cup tea bag of same Pu Erh Special Yunnan Tea

                                           Eco-Friendly Family Size three cup tea bag of same Pu Erh Special Yunnan Tea


And, please, remember: all our Eco-Friendly tea bags are in 100% compostable. Make your own compost.

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