The Tea Paradise Selection

Tea is like a wine. It is our opinion. Like everyday wine we have everyday tea, which as wine is great companion to everyday meals, also tea is necessary part of our breakfast, break time or lunch time at work and like everyday wine, is a part of late dinner. Like finest wine tea is a great addition to party, business meetings or posh meals within friends or family. Can you imagine five o`clock without tea? And for special occasions best quality wine or artisan tea dress this celebration with touch of luxury which all of us required some time. Drinking everyday wine, we enjoy situation, conversation, matching wine to the meal or, with tea, we appreciated health benefits of drinking it. At the party time we have opportunity to taste the wine or tea, not just drink it just in addition to the meal. We have time to enjoy bouquet, layers of taste and aftertaste and share our experience with others. As special occasion or celebrations not happened every day, we have opportunity to taste rare type of exclusive, expensive, posh drinks. Real Champaign, not sparkling, real Da Hong Pao, not Oolong. 

And this parallels push us to create our own Tea Paradise Selections:




                  ON ALL ORDERS!!!