Mao Feng Green China tea

Mao Feng Green China tea
Mao Feng Green China teaMao Feng Green China teaMao Feng Green China teaMao Feng Green China tea
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Huangshan Maofeng tea is a green tea produced in south eastern interior Anhui province of China. The tea is grown near Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), which is home to many famous varieties of Green Tea. The best tea are picked in the early Spring before China's Qingming Festival. When picking the tea, only the new tea buds and the leaf next to the bud are picked. It is said by local tea farmers that the leaves resemble orchid buds.

The tea is one of the most famous teas in China and can almost always be found on the China Famous Tea list. 

This tea has a delicate, natural taste, is highly refreshing and delicious with sweet floral flavour and a complex aroma. A lovely clear pale green infusion. The dried leaves have an interesting bamboo/woody fragrance. 

Classic: 2 to 3 grams, 200 mills of water at around 75 C degrees, 2 to 3 minutes depend on preferences.

Subsequent: 4 to 5 grams of tea, 80 to 100 mills 75 C degrees water, first brewing up to 30 second and each next longer about 20 second or even less. Leaves will open and infuse liquid  with each brewing with different layers of taste. We recommend up to 5 repetitions.

All brewing tips is a guidance only. The best is experiment to find own way depend on preferences.


Tea bag: as this leaves required more room to open and fully infuse tea soup we provide this tea just with our Eco-Friendly Single Size one cup tea bag of same Mao Feng Green China tea.


But, please, remember: all our Eco-friendly teabags are in 100% compostable. Make your own compost.

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