Blooming China Tea tube

Blooming China Tea tube
Blooming China Tea tubeBlooming China Tea tubeBlooming China Tea tubeBlooming China Tea tube
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Flower tea or blooming tea is a group or cluster of dried tea leaves and buds sewn/tied together, which open up as a flower when infused. Our blooms are made of Spring Harvested Green Tea Buds. Sometimes the leaves are wrapped around one or several flowers such as jasmine, amaranth, chrysantemum, osmanthus, lily, marigold, peony, or hibiscus. These peculiar tea balls come in many sizes and transform themselves into beautiful flowers when placed into hot water, offering you a restful and refreshing moment. Our premium quality teas provide tea lovers the perfect experience – an unforgettable sight, tasteful drink and lot of health benefits. Enjoy its amazing health benefits along with a relaxing experience. If you wish to lower blood pressure, prevent heart diseases, boost your immune system or lose body fat try blooming tea and you won’t regret it! In addition to tea health benefits, depending on the herb used to create the flower in our blooming tea, you may enjoy a lots of other health benefits. For example, hibiscus flowers can help you lower blood pressure while jasmine is great for improving your digestion. 

Our gift box contains 10 different blooms, each individually wrapped in airtight bag with its name on it.

Sweet Heart,    Goddess Lotus,    Ruddy Lassie,    Eastern Fair,    Jasmine Fairy,    Moon in Water, 

Carnation Bind,    Autumn Lover,    Eight Immortals in the Legend,    Flower Pearl, 

As our blooming teas are made of spring harvested green tea buds, please, follow instruction how to brew green tea. However, first brew should be longer to let beauty open in full and amaze you with its magic appearance. And as always remember to separate tea leaves and liquid after you have finished brewing. After one minute your tea ball should float on the top and with time uncurl to fantastically shaped exotic flowers growing on the bottom of the vessel. To experience and enjoy the full miracle of the visual spectacle we suggest to brew our blooming tea using transparent, glass teaware and the best is spring water. Please, do not pour water directly on tea ball.  All our blooming tea balls can be steeped up to three times. 

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