Pu Erh Seven Cakes Raw (Sheng) Yunnan Tuo Cha 2010 357g

Pu Erh Seven Cakes Raw (Sheng) Yunnan Tuo Cha 2010 357g
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Obtain the Silver Award in Canton Food Exhibition

In opposition to ripe cake, Raw Pu Erh tea is processed in a similar way as green tea. The leaves are picked from wild tea trees of big leaves variety, in Latin called Thea Assamica. The processed tea leaves that are called maocha are further pressed in various shapes so that they might be stored and transported easily.  The pressed cakes, or bricks, can be stored in a long term periods (years). Stored in a long term, decades of years, tea is aging, naturally fermenting, simply getting better. 'Young' Sheng Pu-erh is drinkable in his early stage too, but tastes like rich, thick, complex green teas. In a year time is losing its green tea taste and starting natural fermentation. After years is more mellow and gain sweeter taste. Absolutely delicious!

All the Sheng Pu-erh's in our offer are made of leaves that are picked and processed from old, wild tea trees grown in subtropical mountain forests of Yunnan. All of them are hand processed and each one represents one tea garden (or in China called a forest). They are not blended so that each cake represent taste of a particular area.

Keep drinking Pu'er Tea, a way to good health.

       Improving digestion, burning the body fat 

       Enhance immune system

       Suppressed the cholesterol 

       Reduce high blood fat


Quantity: 357g/cake   

Production date: 2010

Storage time: the long the better

Certificate:   HACCP,  ISO9001:2000 , QS (China quality safety certificate).

Material: Yunnan Large-leaved Sunshine Withering Thea Assamica.

Manufacturer:  Seven Cake Co.



This particulare Cha is relatively young, so water temperature could be lower than described below. This description is for older cakes.

Classic: 3 grams of tea, 200 mills of water at 95 C degrees, 3 to 4 min.

Subsequent: 4 to 6 grams of tea, 80 to 100 to mills of water 95 C degrees, first wake up the tea by pouring hot water for few second and then discard liquid. First brewing up to 25 - 30 second, each next approximately 20 second longer. Around 7 steeps should be done. After a few small cups, the pleasant fragrance remains in your mouth, lingering for a good few minutes. Make sure each time to separate tea leaf and liquid, do not let them stay in the liquid!!!

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