Pu Erh Ripe Chi Tse Beeng Cha Yunnan Pressed Cake2001, 357g

Pu Erh Ripe Chi Tse Beeng Cha Yunnan Pressed Cake2001, 357g
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Health benefits:  FAT BURNER



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One of the oldest Chas we ever had. Made of old, big leaves wild trees, as most of ripe Chas are made. It went through fermentation process, high temperature steaming and was pressed to commonly used shape of 357g cakes with small nest to the back of the cake. As all matured, post fermented tea is like a fine wine: older is better if stored in right conditions. After brewing represents dull red colour, earthy tones with sweetish aftertaste.


 Keep drinking Pu'er Tea, a way to good health.

       Improving digestion, burning the body fat 

       Enhance immune system

       Suppressed the cholesterol 

       Reduce high blood fat


Quantity: 357g/cake   

Production date: 2001

Storage time: the long the better

Certificate:   HACCP,  ISO9001:2000 , QS (China quality safety certificate).

Material: Yunnan Large-leaved Sunshine Withering Antirhea Chinensis.

Manufacturer:  China National Native Produce and Animal by Product Import and Export Corporation, Yunnan Tea Branch.


Classic: 3 grams of tea, 200 mills of water at 95+ C degrees, 3 to 6 min.

Subsequent: 4 to 6 grams of tea, 100 to mills of water 95+ C degrees, first wake up the tea by pouring hot water for few second and then discard liquid. First brewing up to 30 second, each next approximately 20 second longer. Around 7 steeps should be done. After a few small cups, the pleasant fragrance remains in your mouth, lingering for a good few minutes. Make sure each time to separate tea leaf and liquid, do not let them stay in the liquid!!!