Eco-Friendly Teabags

We sell our teas as a loose leaf tea. But alternatively you can also buy almost all our loose leaf tea packed to Eco-Friendly tea bags in three size: Single Size, Tea for Two Size and Family Size. Our filter bags  are made from abaca pulp, cellulose and sealing fibers, guaranteeing TRUE-FLAVOR filtering. They are chlorine-free bleached and biodegradable. Without glue or any other type of binding agent. The expanding, two chamber base of the filter provides the tea leaves enough room to fully unfold and infuse tea liquid. Due to the shape we call them "tea-house" bags. And this particular shape let tea soup drip off easily back to your cup. We do not use printed tag as we think it is not necessary to lift up price of the tea showing on tag well known to you name of our company. If you are here and read this message or already buy our products you know who we are and why you buy tea here. And on the top of it even our tags are friendly to all compost-making worms. They do not like chemicals in paint used to print on tags. It make the whole tea bag 100% compostable. That is why we call them Eco-friendly!!!. Make your own compost!

      We fill and pack our tea bags at the day of purchase. You can buy with confidence our variety of Earl Grey, Jasmin or other Flavoured aromatic teas and keep them as fresh as at the day of purchase for up to two years if stored using our packaging or air tight containers. All brewing guidance remain the same as for the loose leaf tea, such as of water temperature and brewing time. Therefore, unlike the traditional teabags, we do not have to make any alternations to the loose leaf tea in order to get them in the teabags. You can safely take it and brew it at your work place at any time. All what you need to enjoy your favourite tea is mug or cup and kettle. In order to use more material, equipment and labour to prepare it, Eco tea bags costs more than loose leaf tea. But it gives you freedom to choose a place and time to enjoy always perfect, aromatic, fresh tea.

Our Eco-friendly tea bags are biodegradable and 100% compostable including tags, which are made of same material as teabags, and string, which are chlorine-free bleached and made of pure cotton. Sizes of Eco-friendly tea bags are as follow:

Single Size are created to make single cup or mug of tea,

Tea for Two Size is enough to make two cups of tea. Just place it in to the teapot, fill with the water, following instruction

 for a particular tea, and make wonderful tea for two,

 Family Size is the biggest of our range and will easily cover three cups of tea. Just place it in to the enough big teapot, fill

 with the water, following instruction for a particular tea, make wonderful tea and amaze your family or friends.

Haw to find:

- which tea is available as a Eco-friendly teabag.

All our tea on its Product Page  have a picture of itself. If next to the tea picture you can find Eco-friendly  teabag  picture this tea is offered as loose leaf tea and Eco-friendly teabag. 

the price of particular size of teabag.

On the Product Page at right hand side of the main picture of the tea is drop down menu. By clicking on it you will find all weigh and teabag size options with prices available to this product.

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Apple with Cinnamon Black Flavoured Tea

Apple with Cinnamon Black Flavoured Tea£0.99

Warming and relaxing afternoon tea 

Black Ginger Tea

Black Ginger Tea£0.99

Ceylon Sarnia Plaiderie OP-1 Black tea

Ceylon Sarnia Plaiderie OP-1 Black tea£0.99

Cleansing and Recovery Herbal tea

Cleansing and Recovery Herbal tea£0.99

Darjeeling Teesta Valley FF Black tea

Darjeeling Teesta Valley FF Black tea£0.99

Earl Grey Blue Black Tea

Earl Grey Blue Black Tea£0.99

Earl Grey Darjeeling Black Tea

Earl Grey Darjeeling Black Tea£0.99

Earl Grey Jasmin Black Tea

Earl Grey Jasmin Black Tea£0.99

Golden Tipped Yunnan Black Tea

Golden Tipped Yunnan Black Tea£0.99

Green Ginger Sencha tea

Green Ginger Sencha tea£0.99

Gunpowder Earl Grey Green Tea

Gunpowder Earl Grey Green Tea£0.99

Lazy Afternoon Black tea

Lazy Afternoon Black tea£0.99

Pu Erh Earl Grey Tea

Pu Erh Earl Grey Tea£0.99

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Page 1 of 3:    41 Items